Services To Foreigners

Services to the foreign researchers coming to Nepal

  • Processing of documents for research permit in Nepal.

Please note that you need a research permit from a recognized institution or government agency in Nepal to carry out any kind of research within Nepal. Permit is need also for carrying out samples outside Nepal. We help you in getting research permit on time.

  • Collection of research materials

We help you in collection materials need for your research such as geological maps, topographic maps and research articles published in Nepalese journals.

  • Trekking permit

You need trekking and national park permit if you are working in the trekking routes and national parks. We help you in obtaining those permits

  • Provide appropriate counterpart researcher and research assistant to participate in the project

We have a number of experienced scientists working in all branches of geology (structural geology, petrology, paleontology, sedimentology, engineering geology, geological hazard, geological mapping etc.). They are mostly university professors and retired personnel from University and government agencies.  We can arrange a counterpart researcher/assistant according to your requirements.

  • Provide reliable geological field guide and helper

We provide geological field guide to help you in the field. He will assist you in geological measurements, samplings. He will also help you in finding roads, dealing with local communities and so on.

  • Transportation and logistic arrangements for the field work and scientific expedition

The travel agencies in Nepal are experienced only for arranging trekking along normal trekking routes. They know little about the nature of scientific field work and expedition. We such field works and expedition according to the need of the researchers.

  • Arrangements for sample transport

You need special permit from the concerned government agencies to carry any scientific specimen out of Nepal. We help in obtaining the permit and sending the samples to your desired destination.