1. Office and Laboratories

The company has well-furnished office space of about 300 sq. ft. area with necessary computers, printers, internet and telephone facilities.

The company has rock and soil analysis laboratory of about 200 sq. ft. area. Besides this, we have access to the laboratory facilities at the Central Department of Geology, TU.

2. Equipment and analytical machines

a. Field  equipment

-Geological Hammers

-Sedimentological Hammers

-Geological Compasses


-Digital Camera

– Auger Sampler for soil sampling

-12 inch Soil Sampling Tubes

-Campping equipments

b. Laboratory Equipments

-Petrological microscope with online computer display system for mineral study

-Binacular microscope with online computer display system for mineral study

-Olympus BX-43 high resolution microscope for grain size and microfossil analysis

– Hittech centrifuge machine

-Thin-section and soil mount preparation equipments for the preparation of microcopic slides

-Set of standards sieves and sieve shaker for grain size and textural analysis

-Centrifuge and sedimentation cylinders for clay separation

-Portable pH meter


-Laboratory glass wares and reagents for chemical analysis

-Electronic balance


-Heating plate

We have access to the following equipments

-X-ray Diffractometer for clay mineral identification

-Resistivity meter

-Seismic survey equipment

b.  Earth-science related softwares

DiffracPlus and EVA for mineral analysis

Motic Image for photomicrograph observation, mineral percentage count and grain size measurement