Earth Science

Earth Science

General Geology

  • Geological mapping and logging
  • Structural analysis
  • Construction materials survey (sand, gravel, dimension stones)
  • Petrographic study of all kinds of rocks, minerals and sediments
  • Sedimentary basin survey

Mineral Exploration

  • Exploration of economic rocks and minerals cement-grade limestone, coals, decorative stones, ore minerals, gems etc.),
  • Quality assessment
  • Reserve estimation

Engineering Geology

  • Geological and Geo-technical investigations of Hydropower sites, Irrigation Projects, (Reservoir, dam, tunnel, Powerhouse etc.), Road, Bridges, Transmission line routes/ Substations, Buildings sites
  • Slope stability analysis and Landslide investigations, stabilization
  • Geo-technical instrumentations and Monitoring.

Geophysical Survey

  • Electrical Techniques (Electrical Resistivity Tomography(ERT), self potential, induced polarization)
  • Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)
  • Seismic refraction

Earthquake seismology

  • Earthquake seismological investigation, design, installation, supervision and operation
  • Processing and interpretation of seismological and accelerometer data

Groundwater investigation

  • Aquifer mapping
  • Well development
  • Water quality tests
  • Arsenic test and remedial measures

Laboratory investigations and tests

  • Thin-section preparation and study of rocks, minerals and sediments
  • X-Ray Diffraction analysis
  • Clay mineral identification
  • Geo-technical tests of soil, rocks and construction materials
  • Grain size and shape analysis of sediments

Arial photo study, GIS and remote sensing

Gemstone identification and training