Geo-science Innovations (P) Ltd. (GEOS) is established to provide innovative solutions for all kinds of geological, geo-technical and engineering problems faced by development and research projects. This is an organization founded and guided by well-experienced geo-scientific experts of Nepal.

The Reg. No.  65551/066/67, Registered at the office of the Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal.

The opportunities in the earth sciences are great. Application of earth science knowledge starts with extraction of minerals and petroleum. Then it extends into environmental management, prevention of natural hazards, ensuring access to safe drinking water, selection of safe garbage dumping sites in the cities, selection of structurally sound place for engineering structures such as dams, tunnels, bridges and roads and understanding of the Earth hazard and its mitigation.

The Himalaya is characterized by steep topography, fragile geology, intense mass-wasting, erosion, flooding, sedimentation, frequent earthquake activities and unpredictable climatic conditions etc. Infrastructure development in such an adverse geological condition is always a challenging task. Geological and geo-technical investigations and monitoring are essential at feasibility, construction and post-construction stages for successful completion, operation and maintenance of any major construction project. Besides, sustainable development of a nation depends on exploitation and proper utilization of its natural resources such as minerals, construction materials and surface and groundwater.

Geo-scientists have important role in the identification of safe sites for construction projects as well as exploration and exploitation of natural resources for the betterment of the society and nation. It is also important to educate the society and new generation about the importance of geo-science and geological resources of the country.

Nepal is prone to many natural hazards such as earthquake, landslide, flood, GLOF and erosion. Geo-scientists have greater role in identifying and managing such natural disasters. Moreover; the infrastructure development in our context requires close involvement of concerned experts. In order to facilitate the professional involvement in all type of development activities; a team of expert decided to establish a consulting form in 2009 and named it as Geoscience Innovations (P) Ltd.


The main aims of the company are to:
-provide consulting services in engineering, geological, geo-technical, environmental and socio-economic fields.
-develop a professional standard in consulting services
-manage natural disasters
-carry out public awareness programmes in the field of natural disaster
-promote earth science education in school and colleges
-carry out researches in the geology of the Himalaya


Our long-term mission is to develop the company as a centre for geo-science research, training and innovative solutions for all kinds of geological and geotechnical problems.

Company Values

•  Transparency
•  Interdisciplinary approach
•  Ethical and professional conducts
•  On-time service delivery
•  Quality